Book of Mormon Geography

Sharing map with Rian Nelson permission from Works of Joseph.

Here is a post I have done that deals with geography of the Book of Mormon.

Mormon Stories – Dr Michael Coe – An Outsider’s View of Book of Mormon Archaeology

Here are posts from BofM blog that I enjoy about Book of Mormon Geography.

Horses in North America

Parallels of the Hopewell & Nephite Culture

Why “Saints” Censors Key History

The Hopewell & Nephites- Parallel Histories

What is Letter VII?

“America”means- The United States of America

Here are some books

Annotated Book of Mormon

Moroni’s America: The North American setting for the Book of Mormon

Exploring the Book of Mormon in America’s Heartland

Here are some resources that others have done that I really enjoy. (I’ll add more as time permits.)

Amberli Nelson — Jehovah’s Holy Days In the Heartland

Amberli Nelson — 5 Scriptures that Validate the Heartland Model (Buy DVD)

Alma 22 Deciphered: Book of Mormon Map and Geography

Chief Joseph RiverWind/ A Prophecy Fulfilled! (Not written by a Mormon)

Here are some websites

Book of Mormon Evidence

Moroni’s America


Nephite Explorer

Here are some news articles.

Ohio’s Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks poised to become state’s first UNESCO World Heritage site