Denver Snuffer

Here are a few posts were I have mentioned Denver Snuffer specifically and the movement that is centered around him.

Denver Snuffer’s Alma 34:34 change

My thoughts about the Denver Snuffer Movement

Denver Snuffer’s Testimony of John

I include this post because Denver Snuffer has stated that the order of the different baptisms do not matter, were scriptures say otherwise. He claims that Helaman 5 is an example of this, and I show why that is not the case.
Baptisms Order

I quote Denver where he says that the HOLY SPIRIT and the HOLY GHOST are different and show using scriptures from the Book of Mormon that they are the same. Both the HOLY SPIRIT and HOLY GHOST are used with the Godhead in seperate verses in the Book of Mormon. I also use two chiasmuses in the Book of Mormon to show that they are the same.
The Holy Spirit and The Holy Ghost are the Same

Here are some posts I have really enjoyed that others have written.

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