I believe in the Lunar Sabbath, or in other words the Sabbath day being determined by the phase of the moon. At some point I want to write an artile about it myself when I have time.

Here are some things I have writen regarding the Sabbath:

Highlights from Sunrise or Sunset
On The Morrow / Morning

Val was were I first head of this idea. I was 50/50 after reading his Serious about the Sabbath (backup) article.

I then came across this video series which is what convinced me:
Lunar Sabbath Proof 1/3
Lunar Sabbath Proof 2/3
Lunar Sabbath Proof 2 part C/3
Lunar Sabbath Proof 3/3 (focus is on historical evidance)

I then came across things like this in history videos. For example how the Egyptians used the moon for their month. (I’d share the video with you but it has been removed from YouTube.)

At some point I came across these videos.
In Defense of the Lunar Sabbath Part 1
In Defense of the Lunar Sabbath Part 2
In Defense of the Lunar Sabbath Part 3
Understanding New Moons & Translation Days
“Saturday is the Sabbath” is FAKE NEWS!
Defending Lunar Sabbaths

Here is a youtube playlist of Lunar Sabbath videos I made.

This is a good article on the subject:

Saturday Sabbath? Or Lunar Sabbath?

The website Creation Calendar is full of articles showing the Lunar Sabbath from the scriptures. It also has rebuttals on arguments aganist the Lunar Sabbath.

Many know about Nehemia Gordon. He made a comment about atleast once that I have run across.

Jews adapted stop following the lunar calendar because of the Romans thinking they would go back to it when the Savior comes
Open Door Series 3 — The Name of God — Nehemia Gordon
Here are some pretty good quotes from Jewish sources.

The New Moon is still, and the Sabbath originally was, dependent upon the lunar cycle. Both date back to the nomadic period of Israel. Originally the New Moon was celebrated in the same way as the Sabbath; gradually it became less important while the Sabbath became more a day of religion and humanity, of religious meditation and instruction, of peace and delight of the soul. – The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, page 410

In the time of the earliest prophets, the New Moon stood in the same line with another lunar observance, the Sabbath. – Scribner’s Dictionary of the Bible, 1898 edition, page 521

Here is a resource regarding the Sign of Jonah:

Three Days and Three Nights: Sign of Yonah Riddle Solved

Lastly here are some resources on the Sabbath starting in the morning. I believe I see evidance of this in the Book of Mormon that I hope to hav time to write about it soon.

Sabbath at Sunset? Absurd and Impossible!

When Does a Day Begin?

SUNRISE or SUNSET When Does a Day Begin? (My Highlights)

One thing to think about all the holidays in Lev 23 are based on the moon, and I personally would include the Sabbath in with that.

Another subject that needs to be addressed are mistranslation regarding the Sabbath.

Acts 20:7 Says What?